Conservatives Freaking Out Over Latest Conspiracy Theory: Questions Were Rigged For Hillary Clinton


The Anti-Hillary Hate Machine Is Working Overtime – Agenda-Driven Journalists Just Can't Seem To Perform Basic Journalism

There's an entire right wing hate machine devoted to creating conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton. Just google "Vince Foster" or "Whitewater" to see how insane conservatives can get about her.

Here's the latest.

The questions at Monday night's Democratic Town Hall, hosted by CNN's award winning journalist Chris Cuomo, were "rigged."

Here's the "evidence":

As you can see, a slightly nervous young man (who wouldn't be nervous asking a presidential candidate a question on live TV in front of hundreds of people in the audience and millions on TV?) said this to Hillary Clinton:

"Secretary Sanders – Clinton, sorry. I can see why they gave you this question. I just wanted to know which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why."

That young man, who was identified by Cuomo as Brett Rosengren, is easily locatable. He's on Twitter.

And as you can see from Rosengren's tweets, he wrote and submitted a question. He said it could be directed to any candidate. CNN chose his question, and since this isn't a debate where all three candidates are on stage at once, it was chosen for Clinton. This is how all the questions worked. People who asked the questions got to choose which candidate or candidates they were directing their questions to.

He's also not a Clinton supporter, obviously:

So, the questions were not planted or rigged, contrary to "the stupidest man on the Internet," Jim Hoft, aka the Gateway Pundit, and contrary to suggestions by the right wing conspiracy theorists masquerading as journalists at Mediaite, Real Clear Politics and Biz Pac Review ("Conservative News You Can Trust,") who didn't bother to do their jobs and just amplified ignorance, or attacks from Twitter.

Amanda Girard at U.S. Uncut penned a hysterical tongue-in-cheek post mocking the conspiracy theorists – after actually contacting Rosengren, which any of the other right wing sites could have done. But why would they?

At least the right-wing Washington Examiner did their work:

A CNN source told the Washington Examiner media desk that producers picked the question especially for Clinton because of her former president husband. The source said producers also felt the question was best suited to be the last one asked. The source denied, however, that CNN wrote the question or "planted" it.

There's enough misinformation and ignorance in America.

Shame on those "journalists" who would rather fuel those fires than do their jobs by investigating and reporting facts, and the whole story, not to mention putting a young man brave enough to stand up and ask a question in the middle of it all. 


Image: Screenshot via YouTube