Ammon Bundy Did Not Wage Overnight Twitter Rant Or Compare Himself To Rosa Parks


Turns Out Twitter Account Is Fake

UPDATE: Our friends at Gizmodo report that all the news outlets, including us, that reported on Bundy's tweets were suckered: "He's not on Twitter," so he did not compare himself to Rosa Parks. Our apologies.
We're in good company. NY Daily News, TIME, The Washington Post, and many others reported the tweets. In our defense, we have updated our story and those news outlets, along with many others, have not.
For the sake of clarity and posterity, we won't be removing this post or updating its text below, but we have changed the title to be accurate.

Ammon Bundy, who, along with about 20 so-called "militiamen" have been illegally occupying a federal installation in Oregon since Saturday, spent the better part of Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning in a Twitter rant. The 40-year old son of Nevada rancher and anti-government extremist Cliven Bundy repeatedly has stated he has no desire to die for his cause, but is prepared to do so. 

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He repeated that suggestion again overnight:

Bundy also tweeted a few dramatic statements designed to garner support from a public that is rapidly losing patience for his flailing occupation:

But then Ammon Bundy went way too far, showing just how lost and separated from reality he truly is:

That comparison was a huge mistake. Here's how Twitter responded:



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Image: Screenshot via NBC News