‘If I Could Say Liberal Jews I Would’: SNL’s ‘Ted Cruz’ Explains What He Means By ‘New York Values’


Saturday Night Live's version of Ted Cruz admits what he really means when he says "New York values," and it's not just about abortion or same-sex marriage.

Saturday Night Live's cold open (video above) mocked this week's GOP presidential debate, and like the actual GOP presidential debate, SNL's moderator cornered Ted Cruz on his comments about "New York values."

"Donald Trump," played by Darrell Hammond, took the opportunity to remind Republicans of Ted Cruz's heritage.

"I'm glad everyone is talking about Rafael Eduardo Cruz," Trump said. "Everyone is coming up telling me he's born in Canada and he can't be president. Their words, not mine," he deadpanned.

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"Cruz," played by Taran Killam, told the audience that he can't be Canadian because "Canadians are well liked," and he is not. Also, Canadians are strong, and he is made of "pudding."

SNL mocked the real Chris Christie's ludicrous statement during Thursday's debate, that he will kick President Barack Obama's "read end" out of the White House, and mocked Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Marco Rubio as well.

But it was this exchange that was at the core of the SNL skit, and one that many previously have said is what Ted Cruz was really saying when he talks about "New York values."

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“I think most people know exactly what New York values are,” Killam's Cruz tels the SNL moderators.

“Frankly, they’re not the rest of the country’s values,” Cruz continues. “Instead of celebrating Christmas, New Yorkers celebrate a pagan holiday called 'Festivus.'”

"Instead of watching American football, they challenge each other to masturbation contests. In New York people don’t say ‘hi’ to their neighbors. They say ‘Hello, Newman.'"

SNL's “Neil Cavuto” asks Cruz if “Seinfeld” is what he meant by “New York values.”

“Believe me, if I could say liberal Jews, I would.”

In "Ted Cruz’s ‘New York Values’ Moment Could Cost Him," The Jewish Press after the GOP debate this week rightly pointed to "The West Wing" to explain what Cruz was really saying.

During the pilot episode of the famous series, one of three fundamentalist Christians meeting in the White House talk about the "New York sense of humor."

Toby says, “the point is, she meant Jewish. New York sense of humor — she meant you and me.”



Jezebel's Joanna Rothkopf on Friday wrote: "Ted, Just Say 'Jewish'" and Gabe Friedman at The Forward asks, "Was Ted Cruz Talking About the Jews When He Slammed 'New York Values'?"



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Image: Screenshot via Saturday Night Live