‘I’m With Stupid’: NY Daily News Front Page Perfectly Mocks Palin’s Endorsement Of Trump


Palin's Son's Arrest Included In NY Tabloid Take Down Of Trump, Palin

Today's front page of the NY Daily News continues the tabloid's streak of bold, brash, truth-telling covers, mocking Sarah Palin's endorsement yesterday of Donald Trump. 

"I'm With Stupid," the cover story reads. "Hate minds think alike," quips the subhead. At the bottom, the news that just before Palin took to the stage to endorse The Donald, her son was arrested: "Sarah's Drunk Son Beat Gal Pal, Waved Rifle: Cops."

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Just as NCRM did, the NY Daily News' inside story called the actual event "a 'Saturday Night Live' skit waiting to happen," a "match made in reality show heaven," and pointing to "the rigid, corporate candidate standing beside the folksy mama grizzly using words like 'hope-y' and 'change-y' to describe President Obama’s vision for America."



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Image: Screenshot via NY Daily News/Twitter