Breaking: Kathryn Knott Found Guilty In Philly Hate Attack


A jury has just returned a guilty verdict in the case against Kathryn Knott. Here are the details.

Kathryn Knott is guilty of simple assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment, a jury has decided. The announcement came minutes ago in the Philadelphia hate attack case. Knott was one of three charged, the other two pleaded guilty to accept a very generous plea deal, but Knott insisted on going to trial.

NBC Philadelphia reports Knott was found "not guilty of more serious aggravated assault charges and not guilty of charges against the other victim."

Knott was part of a group of about 15 friends who encountered a same-sex couple in downtown Philadelphia the night of Sept. 11, 2014. Kevin Harrigan, one of Knott's friends, according to the victims had yelled to the men, “What is that, your fucking boyfriend?” 

Harrigan also yelled, "I guess you're a dirty fucking faggot then."

The interaction quickly turned violent.

In court, Knott claimed – despite the testimony of depositions of the victims – that no one, to her memory, called anyone a "faggot." 

She also told the jury she had turned and run away. "I didn't want anyone getting hurt," she said. "I was trying to calm the situation."

Will Knott be sent to jail?

NBC notes Knott "may have escaped jail time" because she was not found guilty of the most serious charges. 

UPDATE I: 12:20 PM EST –
Via local WHYY reporter:

Philly mag reporter Dan McQuade, who has been following the case very closely:

McQuade says Knott will not be jailed now, still free on bail:


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Image of Knott by Victor Fiorillo via Twitter