Post Perfectly Mocking Right Wing Christians Taken Down By Facebook, So Author Turns It Into Cartoon


One Minnesota man's viral post hit home a little too hard for some conservatives, so they got Facebook to take it down. Now it's back up, and in an awesome cartoon as well – take a look!

By now, many people know if they can convince enough of their friends to falsely claim a post on social media – say, Facebook or Twitter – or a video on YouTube is "offensive" or violates their terms of service, the post will automatically get taken down, leaving the person who posted it to try to fight to have it reinstated. Many times, that person gives up and the haters get their way.

Not Minnesota's Andy McClure, who posted to Facebook a simple yet extraordinarily effective and on-point dialogue he wrote showing a conversation between a reasonable, rational person and what we can assume is a far right Christian conservative.

You know where this is going, right?

Facebook took the post down, because enough people claimed they were offended prompting the social media behemoth's algorithms to swarm into action and remove the post after it reportedly went viral. It's more than likely no human ever made that decision.

So McClure chose to turn the other cheek, so to speak, and turned his awesome post into a cartoon (above – click on it to make larger).

The good news is both McClure's original post and his awesome cartoon are up, just ripe for sharing over the Thanksgiving holidays...

Friendly Atheist calls it "Conservative Christian Logic in a Nutshell,"  and notes "it didn’t even mention things like gun control, climate change, and LGBT rights. Throw in those and this cycle of faith-based bullshit could grow even larger."


Image: Screenshot via Andy McClure/Facebook
Hat tip: Friendly Atheist