Breaking: ‘Harm Is Imminent’ – Texas Goes To State Supreme Court To Void Lesbians’ Marriage


The Texas Attorney General has just filed a petition with the State Supreme Court to void a same-sex couple's marriage.

Ken Paxton, the newly elected Republican Attorney General for the State of Texas, has just filed a motion with the State Supreme Court to officially declare a same-sex marriage performed at the direction of a county judge null and void. Suzanne Bryant and Sarah Goodfriend married in front of the Travis County courthouse Thursday morning, after one county judge struck down the Texas same-sex marriage ban, and after another county judge ordered a county clerk to issue the license.

Goodfriend is battling ovarian cancer, leading the judge to grant the order.

No sooner had the couple, together over 30 years, been legally married, than AG Paxton announced the marriage was "void." Later, he announced he was "seeking to void the marriage license issued due to the erroneous judicial order."

That action came Friday afternoon.

"As a result of the trial court's ruling, at least one same-sex couple has been issued an invalid marriage license, but there may have been more. Moreover, the state of the law in Texas has been needlessly cast into doubt," Paxton wrote in his petition.

The petition also claims that "harm is imminent," and urges the Court to act immediately. "These problems are real, not theoretical," the petition claims.

Paxton also claims that "Alabama, too, is experiencing similar confusion."


Image: Screenshot via Scribd
Thanks to Equality Case Files for the petition