Watch: ‘Religious Principles’ Motivate Restaurant Patron To Tell Gay Man He’s A ‘F*cking F*ggot’


In this stunning video, a Fire Mountain restaurant patron calls a gay man a "fucking faggot," and threatens that he should be "put to death." He later says his "religious principles" motivated him.

Isiah David Tweedie says that he and his friends went to the Fire Mountain restaurant in Lansing Charter Township, Michigan Wednesday. Upon leaving with his friends, a man he says was also a patron came out and called him a "fucking faggot."

Tweedie filmed the incident with his camera phone and posted the video to his Facebook page. 

"I said, 'fucking faggot.' You want a picture? Take a picture," the man, who approaches Tweedie, says repeatedly. 

"I'm an American, born in America," the unnamed man says. Tweedie replies, "I'm an American too, honey."

"You're a fucking faggot," the man again says. "I am a fucking faggot," Tweedie replies. 

"God's law -- Leviticus, Leviticus -- you should be put to death," the man yells, pointing to Tweedie.

The video is just over a minute, but the sheer hate is immeasurable.

Local TV news station WILX News 10 spoke with the man who yelled the anti-gay slurs. They report the man "did say he reacted because of his religious principles."

"We came in here and spent 50 dollars on a meal, only to leave and be harassed," Tweedie writes on Facebook. He adds:

I'm angry with this man who works for SOETS HANDYMAN AND MAINTENANCE.. But I'm more angry with COLLIN REED, the "manager." No apology, no remorse.. Nothing. Is this acceptable?? Is this how we act?? I know my rights.. I could have cause a SCENE called other "faggots" and it could have REALLY been a scene.. This man spoke SO harshly in front of children, elderly etc.. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!! What's going to be done now??#StopTheHate SHARE THIS VIDEO!! GET THIS OUT THERE!! THIS CAN NOT AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

Several local news stations apparently have already spoken to Tweedie, but his anger extends to the Fire Mountain corporate office.

After contacting them, Tweedie notes that posted a statement to their Facebook page, denying any involvement.

"There was a very unfortunate guest-to-guest encounter in one of our restaurant parking lots," the Fire Mountain Facebook post reads. "We have not and will not ever tolerate such behavior. None of our employees were involved in this issue and our Manager took every and all appropriate actions including calling the police."

The restaurant's Facebook page notes, "Ryan’s Buffet and Fire Mountain Grill provide high quality food at affordable prices in a family friendly atmosphere. Bring your entire family and enjoy our exceptional food and southern hospitality."

To be fair, the patron was not an employee of Fire Mountain. The restaurant claims the manager called the police, and they aren't responsible for the conduct of their patrons. 




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Hat tip: Gary Bedard