Louisiana Tea Party Claims Federal Education Program Common Core ‘Turns Students Gay’


The Tea Party of Louisiana embarrassed itself last week when it published a crazy claim about the federal government's Common Core program.

If you don't have school-aged children or if you don't follow extremist right wing politics, you might not have heard about Common Core. In reality, it's a set of knowledge points that details what each student show know by the time they graduate each grade level. It makes sense that a student who graduates the fourth grade in Tennessee knows the same facts as a student who graduates the fourth grade in Indiana, or Washington, or Rhode Island.

But to conservatives, Common Core -- which they call "ObamaCore" -- "is Total Federalized Control of Education, Indoctrination and Socialism."

So says the Louisiana Tea Party -- and similarly, many other right-wing groups.

“Progressives have jammed this through in the dead of night,” Glenn Beck says. “Beside being dumber, our kids are going to be indoctrinated with extreme leftist ideology.”

Crying about "Agenda 21," the climate change deniers at the Heartland Institute say Common Core is part of a "plan to indoctrinate our children with communist ideals has been in the works at least as far back as 1963, and probably longer."

One of the first obvious steps was to take prayer and the 10 commandments out of all our public schools. Amazingly, there was little public outcry!  Next, traditional school plays suddenly forbade students to sing familiar, Christmas songs such as “Silent Night.” The cleansing of Christianity from schools escalated when any mention of Christianity by students was discouraged, and in some instances students who even mentioned the name of Jesus on school grounds were disciplined.

But all of this pales in comparison to the Louisiana Tea Party, which posted this on their website:

All you need to know about Common Core

Common Core is Total Federalized Control of Education, Indoctrination and Socialism. Don’t believe us then just Do a Little Homework and see for yourself. Check these out and then tell us how you feel about Common Core being implemented in your schools and with your children.

1. COMMON CORE TURNS FIRST WAVE OF STUDENTS GAY. Homosexual choices successfully promoted in Common Core curriculum. The DEVIL is in the details. Horribly offensive to a Moral Lifestyle. Parents must DEMAND Common Core to be removed from your school district and the country. No wonder the Obama administration strongly promoted this disgusting and immoral lifestyle. It is truly a homosexual encouraging lifestyle environment. Shame on our American Education System and shame on us if we let it go on!!!

Here's a screenshot via Google cache:


It's via Google cache because as you can see, the Louisiana Tea Party took an article from the satirical website brokenworldnews.com and assumed it was real. They quickly learned differently when sites like Wonkette, Right Wing Watch, and the Raw Story embarrassed the heck out of them. They ultimately removed the "gay" part from their article -- leaving other junk in its place.

Maybe the folks in the Louisiana Tea Party could use some Common Core education themselves?


Image, top, by Public Record Office Victoria via Flickr