Anti-Gay Pastor And Likely GOP Congressman Quotes Gay Icon, Pretends Thomas Jefferson Said It


Pastor Jody Hice, one of the most right-wing virulently anti-gay, anti-women, "religious" Republicans seeking a seat in Congress, just can't get his quotes straight.

Jody Hice (image, right), who recently won his Republican primary, likely won't have a hard time winning the open Congressional seat in November. The seat is in Georgia.

Hice first came to national attention when it was discovered he believes gay people have a secret plot to seduce and sodomize America’s sons and thinks same-sex marriage is akin to bestiality and incest. Hice has even compared abortion to the genocide waged by Adolph Hitler.

Clearly, facts are challenging for the Bible-thumping Tea Party pastor whose own 501(c)(3) non-profit airs his daily radio program, a troubling likely conflict of IRS regulations. But Hice couldn't care less -- he's a founding member of the Pulpit Freedom movement that refuses to honor IRS rules that state tax-exempt organizations like churches cannot become overly political.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski yesterday noticed yet another challenge Hice has with facts.

"Nearly Every Founding Fathers’ Quote Shared By A Likely Future Congressman Is Fake," Kaczynski writes, pointing to ten quotes Hice has attributed to various Founding Fathers, but in reality were never uttered by them. 

"Take this quote that Hice attributes to Jefferson," Kaczynski suggests. "That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves," Hice claims, is by Thomas Jefferson. 



"The Thomas Jefferson Foundation said it has 'not found this particular statement in his writings' and Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience is the real source of the quotation," Kaczynski writes.

Henry David Thoreau of course, is an American icon who is strongly believed to have been gay, and was at the forefront of the transcendentalist movement, which abhors organized religion. Thoreau was also something of an anarchist.

The Buzzfeed piece also offers Hice "misquoting" Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Ben Franklin, George Washington, and John Quincy Adams. And by "misquoting," Buzzfeed means, "fake," they never, ever said or wrote those words.

Why is this a big deal? Because we will have in Congress yet another Tea Party radical who will be operating with a false understanding of what our Founding Fathers intended. 

Hice is a religious zealot who very easily could become a dangerous force in Congress. 

Want more proof? Listen to Hice's radio show, or watch this campaign video:


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