Elisabeth Hasselbeck Asks If Making Colorado Baker Obey The Law Is ‘Freedom’


Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Fox & Friends this morning questioned whether making a baker, licensed by the state of Colorado, follow state law is “freedom.”

The conservative Catholic Fox News host in a segment tiled “The Death of Free Enterprise” interviewed Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips and his attorney, and offered him a platform to tell her viewers that he believes making wedding cake for same-sex couples is a violation of his religious beliefs.

Hasselbeck seemed to agree, claiming that Colorado, which, like many states, has a non-discrimination ordinance, was “cracking down on religious freedom by forcing a Christian bakeshop owner to bake for same-sex weddings.” Hasselbeck seemed to believe Phillips deserves special rights for having religious beliefs that run contrary to the law.

In December, Phillips lost his case after being sued by a same-sex couple who merely wanted a wedding cake. Last week, he lost his appeal.

The 37-year old former co-host of “The View” also bristled at the idea that Colorado, which, like all states, requires businesses to be licensed and follow certain rules, regulations and standards, would require Phillips and his staff to undergo training and to report on a quarterly basis if they have turned away any business.

“So, does owning a business mean you’re putting your religious beliefs on the back-burner?,” Hasselbeck asked as she introduced the segment.

Of course, Phillips has every right to not do business in the state of Colorado, or to change his business structure, becoming a wholesaler, but he refuses to budge — and refuses to bake wedding cakes. Phillips says he no longer is making wedding cakes because his cookie and cupcake business is so strong.

“Keeping going strong there,” Hasselbeck cheered Phillips.