Blacks, Gay Marriage, And The Rise Of Afropublicrats.

In today's New York Times, Op-Ed columnist Charles M. Blow throws a calculator at the Prop 8 results and comes up with some interesting statistics and concludes that for us to win  the support of the black community on the gay marriage issue, we need to court black women. Blow says black women are statistically the least-married, are not in favor of inter-racial marriage, are the most-likely to attend church, as are their children, and, despite the fact that they voted Democratic, their values are closer to the Republican party's, hence his term, "Afropublicrats".

So, "comparing the struggles of legalizing interracial marriage with those to legalize gay marriage is a bad idea."

"Second, don’t debate the Bible. You can’t win. Religious faith is not defined by logic, it defies it."

Finally, his solution to convincing black women to support same-sex marriage:

"So pitch it as a health issue. The more open blacks are to the idea of homosexuality, the more likely black men would be to discuss their sexual orientations and sexual histories. The more open they are, the less likely black women would be to put themselves at risk unwittingly. And, the more open blacks are to homosexuality over all, the more open they are likely to be to gay marriage. This way, everyone wins."