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Santorum’s Latest Gig: Columnist At Racist, Homophobic, Birther ‘News’ Site

by David Badash on December 3, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics

Post image for Santorum’s Latest Gig: Columnist At Racist, Homophobic, Birther ‘News’ Site

Rick Santorum just cannot stop being Rick Santorum. Whether it’s berating college students for their support of same-sex marriage or bowing to the NRA, or working to deprive people with disabilities — like his three-year old daughter — the rights a UN treaty would enable, or claiming, “I reject … that people die in America because of lack of health insurance,” or, now, accepting a writing gig at what is arguably the least-respected larger “news” site in the U.S., World Net Daily.

Regular readers know The New Civil Rights Movement reports on “news” from World Net Daily (WND) generally for comic relief, or to expose the sheer ugliness of the site’s anti-gay, racist, homophobic, birther, fringe perspective.

For example:

WND: Obama Stole The Election And Has Confessed — Unconsciously

‘Mullah In Chief’ Obama Has Made Christians ‘The New Niggers’ Says Klayman

Dan Savage A “Terrorist” Says Santorum-Supporting Kill The Gays Advocate

World Net Daily yesterday hawked the announcement:

Rick Santorum – the former U.S. senator who ignited grass-roots conservatives as a Republican candidate for president this year – today joins WND as an exclusive columnist. His commentaries will be featured each Monday.

In “WND Columnist Floats Whites-Only Secessionist Movement,” Brian Tashman at Right Wing Watch notes “the former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate will get to share space with other commentators like Vox Day, who today uses his column to call for a new secessionist political party to resist the growing numbers of racial minorities.”

But it should come as no surprise that WND is actually taking heat for hiring a moderate like Santorum. Yes, Santorum’s virulently anti-gay, anti-women, anti-choice, anti-science platform just isn’t “conservative” enough for some WND readers (check out the comments).

Santorum has repeatedly made clear he is aching for a 2016 presidential run.



Santorum: No One Has Ever Died Because They Didn’t Have Health Care

Rick Santorum: Satan Is Destroying America

Santorum: Gay Sex Is Not Equal To Straight Sex

Santorum: I Will Make All Pornography Illegal (Especially The Gay Kind)



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