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NYPD’s Recent Civil Rights Record Undermines New ‘It Gets Better’ Message

by David Badash on December 4, 2012

in Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for NYPD’s Recent Civil Rights Record Undermines New ‘It Gets Better’ Message

The New York City Police Department — NYPD — 43 years after raiding a Mafia-owned gay bar in Greenwich Village, sparking the Stonewall riots, have just released a video for LGBTQ youth, saying, “It Gets Better.”

“Members of the NYPD share their experiences and encourage victims of bullying to seek support,” the NYPD writes. “Messages from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, LGBT liaison Detective Tim Duffy, President of the Gay Officers Action League Detective Carl Locke and others.”

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly opens the video, touting NYC’s “respect for the rights of all people.”

It’s impossible to ignore the irony here — the NYPD was rightly vilified in the liberal press for its, many say, unconstitutional attacks on the Occupy Wall Street protestors, and the journalists who tried to document violent police activity.

The NYPD’s focus on older gay men, which some called entrapment, has been widely criticized as well.

And the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices, which target mostly Black, and a high proportion of LGBT people, and are excruciatingly troubling — we’re hopeful they are waning.

It’s commendable that the NYPD are wanting to support LGBTQ youth and teens. But it’s impossible to separate their poor record in some important cases from this good deed.


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{ 1 comment }

WolfInPigsCloth December 4, 2012 at 11:18 am

First and foremost, this video is about the LGBT police officers of the NYPD trying to make a difference to struggling gay youth. Please do not take that away with the politics and procedures of a law enforcement organization that you disagree with and charges that some that are not proven, others need a more complex look at and a few are indeed wrong and have been admitted to as such.

NYPD has and does much, much more good than the problems that arise and is respected around the country. If an organization like that can but out an "It Gets Better" video, you should be happy that it might create a domino effect with out smaller, less LGBT-enlightened law enforcement departments. Remember, NYPD was and still is much more LGBT-friendly than President Obama's assorted federal law enforcement agencies.

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