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What Would It Look Like If You Captured All The Gun Death Headlines From One Week?

by David Badash on December 21, 2012

in Guns,News

Post image for What Would It Look Like If You Captured All The Gun Death Headlines From One Week?

Right now, if you head over to The Huffington Post, you’ll see their front page splash that looks like the image, above. Trying to prove a point, HuffPo is loading headlines from this week’s news stories of gun deaths from around the country.

The linked story is “U.S. Shooting Deaths Since Sandy Hook Top 100.”

Frankly, as stunning as it is, it’s actually not representative of the real magnitude: there are 34 gun deaths daily. That would mean, from Monday to Friday, 170 people died, on average.

This image isn’t even close. But it’s a good attempt to paint a picture.

We don’t have a gun problem?


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reddecatur December 22, 2012 at 6:21 pm

It does bring home the point, and hopefully cause one to really think about the problem.

unclenunzie December 26, 2012 at 9:02 am

What this does is take one particular subset of facts, without context, and projects them large for cinematic effect. The subtext here is that "guns must be removed from society, at once, all of them, because they cause death". It is a political statement intended to drive an emotional response, not one of critical thinking.

Where are the informative questions, such as, Who is actually doing the shooting? Why did they do it? Is there something we can do to reduce this while respecting civil rights (even the ones some people don't like)?

The context is the drug war, poverty, and ignorance. The vast majority of shootings take place among those in the illegal drug trade, as they seek to protect and expand their markets. Removing the profit motive through legalization removes the reason for criminal violence.

I'm not insensitive to those who have been victimized, nor cold to the horror of the loss of a child. But when it comes to civil rights, emotionally charged imagery does not well inform policy making decisions.

I'm proudly pro-choice and am appalled by the use of a certain type of picture to drive public opinion away from Roe vs Wade. I'm equally disgusted by the use of ex-context factoids meant to do the same against our right to arms.

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