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Tweet Of The Day: Eddie Izzard On Uganda

by David Badash on November 30, 2012

in Celebrities,News,Politics

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Eddie Izzard, the beloved UK actor and comedian perhaps best known for his roles in Valkyrie, Ocean’s Thirteen, and The Riches, today sent out via Twitter his support for fighting Uganda’s infamous Kill The Gays bill.  

Izzard links to All Out’s Stop Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill petition.

Thanks, Eddie, for taking the time and for using your platform to help people who need it most.

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LOrion December 1, 2012 at 12:37 pm

PLEASE help stop the bill at its roots. Which is here in America …. on C STREET (or wherever they are now) The FAMILY. See Get Equal is writing letters to 5 US SENATORS who support and push this Kill The Gays Bill! ….Yes I know they will get your email if you sign it. But so does All Out!

The worst part of this is that AMERICAN Right-Wing EVANGELICALS and POLITICIANS have actually fueled the fire underneath the bill, and LGBT Ugandans are now facing a desperate situation — stay in the country to fight against the bill, or leave their homeland to preserve their lives.
PLEASE sign and share!
I just signed a petition asking five Senators — all of whom are part of the secretive group known as "The Family," which has ties to several prominent Ugandan political leaders — to publicly denounce the bill and to lean on their friends in Uganda to kill this bill. Here's the link — will you join me?

Lev2013orSTFU December 1, 2012 at 10:50 pm

Click on LOrion post's link to some of the exact men who are helping set up this puppet layer of white supervision in Uganda of what's legal and what's not. We gays are merely the pawns for this, and Uganda has been seduced by a corrupt and completely non-religious outreach program of the CIA, NSA, and their network of supportive and profiting businessmen. The gay thing? The religious angle? Only because it has always worked with simpler, uneducated, superstitious civilizations, when you really only want everything they think they own, just because it's under or on their ground, or a few thousand might get killed so some lying "religious" guys can steal your national treasure. Nobody's going to stop this, it happens every day, multiple times, all over the Middle East. Go ahead, put it on paper Ugandans. And stick bones in your noses so we know you're all tribal and stupid and shit, and we can avoid you like we'd avoid the Plague. Boycott Uganda! Divest From Uganda! Lev. 20:13 Or STFU! No need to go to Uganda to hang a Queer, American 'religious' liars! Come get ME and kill me, a gay man, as your book commands! It doesn't say anything about nagging me for life, cowards. Do your part of Lev. 20:13, I've done mine, or you've got no right to demand that others follow it, so STFU.

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