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Post image for Self-Appointed Gun Ambassadors Walking Around With AR-15s Freaking The Hell Out Of Portland

Self-Appointed Gun Ambassadors Walking Around With AR-15s Freaking The Hell Out Of Portland

by David Badash on January 11, 2013

in Guns,News

Two men have decided to make themselves gun ambassadors by wearing their AR-15 semi-automatic rifles on their backs, supposedly to “educate the public” and make people more accustomed to seeing people exercising their Second Amendment rights. The only problem is the men are freaking the hell out of law-abiding Portland, Oregon residents who were frightened into calling 911, tying up several layers of Portland law enforcement for a half hour to try to determine if the men were dangerous, if they actually, legally were carrying the AR-15s, and if their semi-automatic rifles were loaded.

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The men are furious about all the rights they say have been taken away from them, and this is their method of ensuring they continue to have the right to carry in public.

Of course, just like the CEO of a Tennessee weapons training company who posted to YouTube a video threatening to “start killing people” if Obama’s gun control methods went “one inch further,” and subsequently had his gun permit revoked by state authorities, these men are making average law-abiding citizens so uncomfortable no doubt they are calling their lawmakers demanding the ludicrous statutes that allow them to carry AR-15s be changed.

The Oregonian‘s Noelle Crombie reports that Warren R. Drouin’s habit of openly carrying AR-15s in public places has resulted in so many calls to local police that he is known by top officials in Medford as simply ‘Warren,’” Gawker notes, adding their exercise “soon elicited nearly a dozen 911 calls to police from citizens who remember the December 11th shooting at nearby Clackamas Town Center all too well.”

Portland has a ban on carrying loaded firearms in public places, but citizens with concealed handgun licenses — like Boyce and Drouin — are exempt.

Still, Portland Police Bureau spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said their “demonstration” could potentially distract the attention of officers from “more urgent emergency calls.”

The Oregonian also took issue with the stunt.

In a piece entitled “poster-bullies for gun transparency,” the paper’s editorial board wrote that the two mean could present a danger to themselves of others by doing “the Second Amendment equivalent of yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.”

Expect many more stories about America’s gun nuts showing up all over the place. The Sandy Hook Massacre has left this country scared — some frightened their loved ones, their families, will be lost, and want to see less guns in the population, while some frightened their loved ones, namely, their guns, will be taken.

One final note: these law enforcement officers deserve a medal for how they handled this situation. They had every right to be angry and more aggressive than they were. Portland should be proud of them, but should be calling their lawmakers to get these open carry statutes changed.

Image: Screenshot from AR-15 page at Wikipedia. Image by TheAlphaWolf.



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