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Michelle Shocked: Entire US Tour Canceled, Singer Takes To Twitter To Talk ‘Reality’

by David Badash on March 20, 2013

in Celebrities,News,Religion

Post image for Michelle Shocked: Entire US Tour Canceled, Singer Takes To Twitter To Talk ‘Reality’

Michelle Shocked, her entire U.S. tour canceled after her anti-gay rant, apparently has one venue left: Twitter. The alternative folk singer, who shocked San Francisco audience members on Sunday when she told them, “You are going to leave here and tell people ‘Michelle Shocked said God hates faggots,’” is rapidly tweeting and retweeting in what feels like an attempt to claim victimhood — and irony.

Shocked’s tweet after her performance on Sunday at Yoshi’s — which has said she is not welcome back — was:

Shortly thereafter the singer reportedly told the audience she lives in fear of same-sex marriage and uttered her now infamous “God hates faggots” statement. While original reports stated Shocked had used the word “fags,” on Twitter she made of point of claiming it was “faggots.”

Shocked’s entire U.S. tour, all eleven events, has been canceled, thanks in large part to social media and a petition by LGBT activist John Becker. One of the eleven reportedly was canceled by Shocked herself, the remaining ten seem to have been canceled — rather quickly — by the venues themselves.

Shocked is scheduled to speak to (former Air America) radio host Nicole Sandler Thursday morning (at 9:00 AM EDT?) What she’ll say is anyone’s guess, although spending several minutes walking through her Twitter stream since Sunday’s event easily could lead one to think she’ll be claiming she was misunderstood.

A selection of recent tweets from Shocked:

Michelle Shocked: Was Her ‘God Hates Faggots’ Her Real Meaning — Or Misunderstood?

Michelle Shocked has now taken to Twitter in a somewhat cryptic attempt to change the current perception of her comment on Sunday that led to her US tour being canceled.

Storified by David Badash· Wed, Mar 20 2013 11:38:08

What does everybody @yoshi’s want to hear tonight? Truth? Or Reality? #shortsharpshockedMichelle Shocked
@theevilhour @stribs @nicolesandler Truth 0 Reality 3 #shortsharpshocked #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
@ultramundane Your quote is 99% accurate and instinct about irony 100% accurate. Will give @nicolesandler Truth on Thur #shortsharpshockedMichelle Shocked
@Murray_Burns Thanks for keeping an open mind, Chris. Am neither against a woman’s right to choose nor gay marriage. Am a fundamentalist thoMichelle Shocked
@tusktusktusk God loves everybody so much that He sacrificed His son and didn’t try to triangulate the dialogueMichelle Shocked
@korbykorby Try this- "Trial by Media is trial by error." Any better? Lemme know, I’ll keep trying #shortsharpshocked #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
@ajmorelli @korbykorby Not Fags. Faggots. The quote said Faggots. Get your facts straight. #shortsharpshocked #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
@Twrl33 Start by doing your homework and getting the quote right. Or listen in @nicolesandlerMichelle Shocked
@ChrisWillman If fact checking was a part of your job description you’d be a journalist. But ‘gossip columnist’ might fit #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
@ahuntre Just my usual troublemaking, at the expense of dear friends who trust me, even when I appear to be gay-bashing #shortsharpshockedMichelle Shocked
@deBeauxOs1 Oh wait, here’s one – #bullying people who speak out against bullying. I bet there’s more! #shortsharpshocked #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
@KevinOfMI Throw some of my words back in my face, Kevin Tell me what the liner notes say. #shortsharpshocked #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
@stribs @nicolesandler Got some Good News, Stribs There’s lotsa gay folks watching from the sidelines who God loves dearly #truthvsrealityMichelle Shocked
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wildwildwest March 20, 2013 at 3:15 pm

You seem to have to learn the hard way what many folks before you have learned: It don't pay to hate the gay…

Kiltedbear March 20, 2013 at 3:16 pm

Wow, 11 tour dates cancelled and that was her whole tour? Will anybody even notice? :)

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