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Post image for Maggie Gallagher Shudders To Think If (Straight) People Didn’t Have Protection Of Marriage

Maggie Gallagher Shudders To Think If (Straight) People Didn’t Have Protection Of Marriage

by David Badash on November 19, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Marriage,News

Maggie Gallagher shudders to think what would happen if straight people were denied the protection of civil marriage, admitting, they “would see quickly what gay people are complaining about in being denied the civil benefits of marriage.”

READ: Maggie Gallagher: ‘Rare’ That Any Of 650,000 US Same-Sex Relationships Are ‘Stable’

Gallagher, the co-founder of the nation’s top anti-gay marriage organization, NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, has never been one to see how incredibly lopsided her positions are.

Responding to a suggestion that Catholic priests should stop marrying straight couples in states that have extended marriage to same-sex couples, Gallagher admits “it’s a huge endeavor that would require the creation of alternative means of enforcing the civil aspects of the marriage commitment (or leaving women and children unprotected).”

So, straight people need the legal protections of marriage — but gay people do not? Gallagher admits we all do.

“Abandoning that legal framework could cost us a lot of money potentially, too: Our widows would not get the inheritance exemption, it would take additional money to secure legal parenthood, etc.,” Gallagher writes:

We would see quickly what gay people are complaining about in being denied the civil benefits of marriage, but in this case, the people being denied these benefits would be the single most vulnerable people in marriage and the ones whom civil marriage was originally designed to protect: women with large families and their children.

Now, stop, breathe, and let that all sink in.


Not to Maggie, because marriage is only “one man one woman,” so, well, too bad for you, you same-sex couples. You were just born wrong.

You gotta love that “our widows” part, too, as if “their widows” — you know, lesbians — “not get[ing] the inheritance exemption” is OK.

This is truly shocking. And oh so ugly.

First of all, Gallagher, NOM, and the anti-gay religious right all have declared marriage is from God, and is not about protecting “women with large families and their children,” rather, it’s about creating those biological bonds and tying them together.

So which is it?

What Gallagher is saying, in a not-so-veiled manner, is gay people aren’t worthy of marriage.

Same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to enter into the institution of marriage, according to the nation’s top anti-gay marriage warrior, merely because we’re just not good enough.

One has to wonder what Gallagher’s views on marriage were in the 1960s, before Loving v. Virginia

This is why we call it “marriage equality.”

Hat tip: tNCRM reader Kim Smythe



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voenixrising November 19, 2012 at 1:51 pm

So says the woman who has yet to be seen in public with her "husband." Or with a neck.

MacMorrighan November 19, 2012 at 1:53 pm

WTF?! She needs to speak with a Historian, because, historically, civil marriage was NEVER designed to protect women NOR children!!! Otherwise, Dolly Madison would not have had to have gotten re-married when her husband died in order to retain custody of her child! The law at that time recognized both she and her under-age son as property, and because property could not own property her son could be taken from her!!!

mikes4chess November 19, 2012 at 5:04 pm

When you're sitting around your Thanksgiving meal saying grace, be sure to be thankful for the fact that if you're married in the United States your marriage will be valid no matter where you go.

And no matter what state or country you took your wedding vows in, your federal and state governments will honor that contract.

Unless you are gay of course.

I believe with the recent voter-approved same-gender marriage laws, comes an obligation for the federal government to recognize those unions as legitimate. Please sign and promote the petition linked to below.

One thing not mentioned on the petition below is that federal recognition would allow soldiers to provide health benefits to their spouses and the children of their spouses, not to mention survivor benefits. And, it gives automatic legal standing to same-gender couples, even in states like ours that refuse to allow such marriages to take place.

Also, I encourage Republicans who support same-gender marriage to be vocal about your support, especially to your party leaders and lawmakers.

Please remember to click on the buttons below the petition also, to promote on your twitter and facebook pages.

Coxhere November 20, 2012 at 8:10 am

Miss Maggie will say anything and everything to disparage Gay Americans. After all, she has to earn her six-figure salary from the certified, anti-Gay hate group, NOM.

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