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Listen: Jonah Hill Apologizes For Using ‘Disgusting And Hurtful’ Homophobic Slur

by David Badash on June 3, 2014

in Celebrities,News

Post image for Listen: Jonah Hill Apologizes For Using ‘Disgusting And Hurtful’ Homophobic Slur

Actor Jonah Hill went on the Howard Stern Show this morning to publicly apologize for hurling a homophobic slur at a paparazzo over the weekend. TMZ published a video showing Hill saying, “Suck my d***, you f*****!”

This morning, Hill told Stern, “I’m upset, because, from the day I was born, and publicly, I’ve been a gay rights activist.”

Hill added that to “give it some context, not excusing it in any way, this person had been following me around all day, had been saying hurtful things about my family, really hurtful thing about me personally, and I played in to exactly what he wanted and lost my cool.”

“And in that moment, I said a disgusting word, that does not at all reflect about any group of people,” Hill said. “I’m not at all defending my choice of words but I am happy to be the poster boy for thinking about what you say, and how those words – even though you don’t intend them — they are rooted in hate, and that’s bulls*** and I shouldn’t have said that.”

Hill added that he is “pretty good at making movies” but not “good at being a famous person.”

“What I said in that moment was disgusting and a hurtful term… Instead I use a word I don’t use in my personal life, it’s not part of my vernacular. I’m happy to take the heat for using this disgusting word… It would break my heart for anyone to think I would be against anyone for their sexuality.”



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Image by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia

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TexanWoman June 3, 2014 at 10:43 am

Gee. "Suck my d*ck you f*gg*t Kind of sound like wishful thinking to me.

Better apology than most, but too many "happy to be" in it.

Just sayin'.

ebloode June 3, 2014 at 11:11 am

Eh…I doubt that it was really intended as a slur against gays. It sounds like a moment of weakness, pulling from whatever possible just to cause a reaction from this paparazzo.

Derek Williams June 3, 2014 at 11:10 pm

Go on his track record and so far as I know, it's good. If we never accept an apology no matter what, then it's pointless for anyone to apologise, no matter what.

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