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I’m Voting For Obama Because I’m Voting For People

by Caleb Eigsti on November 6, 2012

in Caleb Eigsti,News,Politics

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I understand that this election will affect the right of every woman to choose for herself how to govern her body. I know that it will keep millions of women from getting poked and prodded with invasive ultrasounds, and also keep women protected from cancers with funding to planned parenthood.

I know that four million children depend on this election to be able to receive health insurance for a preexisting condition.

I know that millions of Americans depend on this election to be considered equal at the end of the day. They depend on the right to love their partner and hope for a future where they can walk down the aisle and declare their love for the love of their lives.

I know that millions of college students depend on this election to be able to, not only pay off their student loans in a reasonable way, but to also have hope that they will be able to find a job to help they pay off those loans. A job that they were trained to do by the very money they are trying to pay back without outrageous fees, taxes, and interest rates.

This election not only has repercussions for the USA, but for the entire world. We have a government, for the first time in history, that is willingly and actively fighting for the civil rights of citizens of the entire world. Actively and passionately have they spoke and acted on the preciousness of every human being. They have condemned governments for imprisoning gay people, or women for adultery, and have advocated for equality across our globe.

I understand that this election, much more than the one four years ago, is about race. I also understand that this election will likely have an effect on our highest court, and what that looks like for the future is one of two futures. 1) We will gain a court that doesn’t place political gains in front of human rights, or decency. Or, 2) We will have a court that is just looking for political points and the praise of the leaders of their party. It is time to end the time of 5-4 decisions when it comes to the rights of our citizens.

And that is not to mention our economic needs to vote. (and yes, they do fit my reason to vote with these social issues as well)

1) Tax cuts for the rich make about as much sense as the death penalty for attempted suicide. They, in no way, “trickle” down to average Americans. They never have and they never will.

2) I understand that a candidate for this election truly hasn’t paid taxes in 10 years, look up on Bloomberg news and Daily Kos, and he cheated his church out of promised money for their services…(read and you’ll understand.)

3) I realize that gaining 177,000 jobs a month, while not as much as we can make, is tremendously better than losing 879,000 jobs a month.

4) I realize that we have a congress who has decided to put political affiliation ahead of the good of the country.

There are plenty, but I’m heading out my door to vote.

Qui tacet consentire – (He) who is silent, gives consent.


Image, top, via Barack Obama

Caleb Eigsti is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a bachelor degree in Theatre, emphasis in Directing and Acting. He currently lives in New York City with his fiancé, David Badash, and two dogs, Text & Topher.

He assistant directed the revival of Lanford Wilson’s ‘Lemon Sky’ off-Broadway with the Keen Company, and is currently developing his first novel. His writing was featured on ‘Psychology Degree’ in their post, “50 Brave Blog Posts About Coming Out.”

With a passion for politics, photography, writing, and theatre he hopes to bring his own unique perspective to the site while searching for truth in the human experience.

Twitter: @CalebEigsti

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