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Gun Training CEO Who Threatened To Kill Over Gun Control: ‘I Don’t Retract Any Of My Statements’

by David Badash on January 10, 2013

in News

Post image for Gun Training CEO Who Threatened To Kill Over Gun Control: ‘I Don’t Retract Any Of My Statements’

James Yeager, the CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee gun tactical training company who threatened to “start killing people” if President Obama’s gun control “goes one inch further,” just released a second video in which he doubles down, saying, “I don’t retract any of my statements.”

Yeager says he recut the original video to delete the “start killing people” part after realizing he was a little angry. “I probably allowed my mouth to overrun my logic, but I don’t retract any of my statements.”

WATCH: ‘I’m Going To Start Killing People’ Threatens CEO Of Weapons Training Company Over Gun Control

“I don’t care” what anyone says about the videos, Yeager says, adding, “I stand fast with my message… not one more inch.”

His message included these comments:

“I’m telling you that if that happens, it’s going to spark a civil war, and I’ll be glad to fire the first shot. I’m not putting up with it. You shouldn’t put up with it. And I need all you patriots, to start thinking about what you’re going to do, load your damn mags, make sure your rifle’s clean, pack up a backpack with some food in it and get ready to fight.”

“I’m not fucking putting up with this. I’m not letting my country be ruled by a dictator. I’m not letting anybody take my guns! If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people.”

Yeager also doubles down on his warnings, claiming thousands of people have contacted him, some asking him what they should do.

“I don’t know, but I did tell you to load your mags, make sure your gun’s clean, and pack a backpack.”

“And all you fair-weather Second Amendment people that are telling me that I’m doing a fucking disservice to the gun community, by saying that I’m not going to stand for the tyranny, fuck you, our country wasn’t founded by fucking fair-weather pussies.”

But then Yeager somewhat changes course, saying, “I don’t condone anyone doing anything rash, I don’t condone anybody committing any felonies, up to and including aggravated assaults, or murders — unless it’s necessary.”

He adds, “Right now, it is not necessary.”

Noting the huge volume of people contacting him, Yeager adds, “You have no idea how quickly I assembled an army,” after his video went viral.

“It is time to get ready. Start working out. Start stretching. Start practicing. Start talking with your friends. Start coordinating on a local basis.”

Talking Points Memo notes that an “employee with Tactical Response, the Tennessee firearms training company making headlines this week thanks to a video posted by CEO James Yeager, told TPM Thursday the company is going to leave it up to Yeager to respond to questions about the clip.”

Apparently, he has:


‘I’m Going To Start Killing People’ Threatens CEO Of Weapons Training Company Over Gun Control

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BJLincoln January 10, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Wow. All this over regulating a little control over the amount and type of firearms the average person needs. F**K that! People don't need weapons of war or enough ammo to take out a classroom. I don't think selling guns with a REAL background check is a bad idea or is limiting where you can get a gun and ammo. Anyone can walk into a walmart and buy up a ton and it does not get reported.
This guy is flagged by the government and they are watching him.
He is just the kind of nutjob that NEEDS a gun.

Siafuyu January 11, 2013 at 3:32 pm

Just another brain dead, brainwashed, government zombie. The second amendment wasn't formed to "let us" have a few guns of the governments choosing to defend ourselves against our neighbors or criminals. It was formed to defend ourselves from exactly what is going on now, and to guarantee that we could possess the same type weapons as the government and as many as we want. To protect us from the government taking all of our rights away, telling us basically when we can s–t, and becoming like the royalty of old and us becoming their serf's. The government love people like you who are willing to give up your bathroom privileges to please and serve them. Dummkopf!

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