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Post image for Gay Man To Be San Diego Mayor After Filner, Conservatives Warn Kids Will Become ‘Prey’

Gay Man To Be San Diego Mayor After Filner, Conservatives Warn Kids Will Become ‘Prey’

by David Badash on August 24, 2013

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics

It’s just so hard to be an American conservative these days. This weekend’s 50th anniversary commemoration of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom really should be held for them, don’t you think? They’ve all had it so hard.

Consider this: a misogynistic (allegedly), sexual harasser (allegedly), Democratic mayor of a major city finally gets kicked out of office resigns and what do conservatives get? A Native Alaskan American, Filipino, Dutch and Puerto Rican gay man in his place.

Yes, the President of the San Diego City Council, Todd Gloria, is about to be the new mayor of San Diego, after Bob Filner’s resignation becomes effective August 30. (Congratulations!)

In 2009, Gloria was interviewed in a local paper. An excerpt:

Q: Most people probably would be surprised that you have no Mexican heritage.

A: And that’s always been a challenge for me with my last name, living here and looking like this, that people default to Latino. But the reality is my last name is from the Philippines, from the Spanish ruling there for so long – they left lots of things behind including last names, and that’s where mine comes from.

Q: Your heritage reflects the melting pot of City Heights, where you live.

A: It’s a classic San Diego story in the sense that all four of my grandparents came from different parts of the world because of the Navy and the military – so from Juneau, Alaska; Tulsa, Okla.; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Manila. My grandfathers were in the service. My paternal grandmother came here because her father was in the service. My maternal grandmother came here to work in the factories. And they just all stayed.

Q: What ethnic mix did you inherit as a result?

A: Basically half Native American (Tlight-Haida, an Alaskan tribe), a quarter Filipino and then a little bit of Dutch and Puerto Rican.

Q: You’re openly gay. How much does your sexuality affect your decisions?

A: Less than I think some people believe. We’ve obviously had a history of electing people from the LGBT community in this council district. But when you’re talking about potholes and stop signs and things of that nature, it doesn’t have an orientation to it. And largely what I find is there’s not a great deal of difference between what straight District 3 residents and LGBT District 3 residents are looking for. This is particularly true as same-sex couples are raising families.

So, naturally, conservatives are in full meltdown mode.

The good folks at No More Mister Nice Blog write:

But at Free Republic, the conclusion is that one sexual deviant has been replaced by another:


I feel sorry for the children in this city who will probably become prey soon enough.




From pervert to pervert.


Because perverted sexual behavior is so important to San Diego politics that they’ll elect a Sodomite.
They’re trading a creep for a freak. 


San Digaygo. Let’s play Musical Pervs.


You stay classy, San Diego.


When Princess Hillary or another lib woman becomes president, gay men will be labeled the ideal male. We will even have a cabinet full of them.


what makes ya think the cabinet ain’t full of them now? we’ve got more dykes in obama’s cabinet now than the netherlands.


‘Gay’ is such a forlorn misnomer. This is a life of utter misery with an isolated thrill or two in it.


so this is the reason for the stink

they wanted to get a fag into position

In answer to that last Freeper: Yeah, right — this whole scandal was ginned up just so San Diego could have a gay mayor. No one cared at all about multiple acts of sexual harassment. It was just a big gay plot by the big gay mafia.

For those unfamiliar with the website Free Republic, their readers — generally rabidly anti-gay, anti-women, anti-equality, anti-Obama, anti-choice, etc. — are called “Freepers.” The owner of the site, Jim Robinson, responded to my request last year to remove several articles Freepers posted in full, in violation of our copyright by writing, “I can assure you I do not want any of your material posted to our forum.”

Of course, then there’s this:

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RRuinsky August 24, 2013 at 12:48 pm

The ignorance and bigotry of those who identify as Conservative just keeps getting worse and they're open about it because they're idiotic enough to think the slurs they spew are acceptable.

KarenJ503 August 24, 2013 at 8:06 pm

The slurs they spew ARE acceptable to others of their kind. When they stray into the real world, they get squashed (figuratively speaking) like the cockroaches they are.

russellsvocation August 24, 2013 at 12:50 pm

If you check the comments, they are almost all from one person posting. Tailgunner or tail humper or whatever his name is, obviously has issues with… well, everything and everyone.

SeanLiberty13 August 24, 2013 at 3:45 pm

Ironic that one of those internet parasites tells San Diego to "stay classy" while the comment is surrounded by nothing but derogatory offensive epithets and hate speech that is echoed by the blood thirsty terrorist Hitler wannabe Bryan Fischer.

Stay classy Freakers – I mean "Freepers".

stevewayles August 24, 2013 at 4:10 pm

Mr Filner has been judged in the court of public opinion – and is gone because of alleged offenses and many witnesses and accusers to back up those accusations. Mr LaGloria, an elected official who has proven honorable in his work and person, is now being judged negatively by a few ignorant – not stupid – people (those who choose to ignore the very real science about sexuality), by bigoted – not uninformed – people (those who judge not on the basis Mr LaGloria's well-known deeds and words, but on their own prejudices against gay people) and by religious zealots – not spiritually seeking – people (those who scour their Bible and other sacred texts, not for Divine guidance, but for proof-texts for their prejudiced positions – with no effort to evaluate what the authors were actually saying or in what context). Thank God and the brain-power we have been given, that there are enough intelligent, non-bigoted, spiritual folks in San Diego to accept Mr La Gloria as the person he was born to be and to give him the opportunity to prove himself as acting mayor. Rev Dr Stephen Wayles (retired)

gcarini1985 August 24, 2013 at 4:24 pm

Interesting. Weren't the republicans pushing Carl DeMaio in the last election? He's gay too… but he's a republican… so I guess he gets a pass lol. And you know what… they are pushing DeMaio to run again! DeMaio lost against Filner… sometimes I don't get the republican nutjob party.

MiddleGrounds August 24, 2013 at 6:24 pm

– But when you’re talking about potholes and stop signs and things of that nature, it doesn’t have an orientation to it. —

I had to cherry pick this particular one because the truth is RIGHT THERE! What the hell does orientation have to do with fixing the problems of the cities they reside over?! Bravo is all I can say!

LOrion August 24, 2013 at 7:17 pm

I have a married Spanish surname…from Mexico actually, but when I worked in Vallejo as an MD …all my patients expected me to be Filipino!
Had to dissappoint, actually Swedish, English/Irish

sdfrenchie August 24, 2013 at 8:00 pm

Todd Gloria has a good reputation. He's very popular and is no doubt quite capable of running this city. If the "Freepers" don't like it, too damned bad. We've had to listen to their bullshit for a lifetime, now they're going to have to sit back and stfu or friggin' move somewhere else. There are plenty of red states calling their names.

I've no patience left for America's childish bigots. That whole list up there of what they said sounds just like high school morons. They just never grow up!

KarenJ503 August 24, 2013 at 8:09 pm

About a sentence in the article's first paragraph, namely "This weekend’s 50th anniversary commemoration of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom really should be held for them, don’t you think?"

Speaking of that, when the march actually started after the speeches earlier today, and MSNBC's cameras (apparently Fox "News" and CNN didn't bother showing up) revealed the crowd was of every color of skin tone, as well as every age group from first graders to great-grands — I recalled the crowds that came to Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin's Restoring Honor rally in August 2010.

They were old, like this March on Washington anniversary crowd, but about 99% pasty white. No wonder they're so narrow minded.

tomchicago01 August 25, 2013 at 8:49 am

Mr. Gloria seems to have the brains to take in stride the grunts of the knuckle-draggers as they hunt-and-peck their way around their keyboards.

threenorns August 25, 2013 at 10:52 am

frankly, i think the reason they're picking on his sexual orientation is because they're pissed off he's not greying, balding, and fat.

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