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Gay GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger Asks Bryan Fischer If He’s Gay

by David Badash on June 22, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,Discrimination,News,Politics

Post image for Gay GOP Presidential Candidate Fred Karger Asks Bryan Fischer If He’s Gay

Gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger, the first openly-gay presidential candidate, was a guest yesterday on Bryan Fischer‘s radio program, and asked Fischer, one of America’s top homophobes, if he is gay.

Karger, who has attacked and greatly injured NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, in court, did a great job of defending his positions without attacking Fischer, although it would have helped the LGBT community if he had spent a little more energy debunking Fischer’s hateful and false rhetoric. Karger did call the anti-gay parenting “study” by Mark Rengerus “bogus,” but overall missed a golden opportunity, being in the lion’s den, to tell more of our community’s truth.

The discussion also covered blood donation by gay men — which is where Karger asks Fischer if he’s gay (at the 10:10 mark,) same-sex marriage, parenting, and the fall of the Republican Party.

And let’s remember who Bryan Fischer, the public face of the certified anti-gay hate group, American Family Association, the man who repeatedly says gays are Nazis and a threat to national security, the man who has time and time again called for gays to be jailed and homosexuality to be made illegal, really is:

Fischer: Gays Responsible For A Third Of All Pedophila Offenses (Video)

Fischer: Allowing Same-Sex Couples To Adopt Is ‘Child Abuse’

Fischer: Gay Marriage And The First Amendment Cannot Exist Together In America

Gays Are Immoral So America Should Discriminate Against Them Says Fischer

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