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Breaking: Several People Shot By Possible Multiple Gunmen At TX College

by David Badash on January 22, 2013

in Guns,News

Several people have been shot, reportedly by possibly two gunmen at a Houston, Texas community college. Various news reports indicate two victims are expected at a local hospital, while others indicate at least three shooting victims.

“Multiple people have been shot at a north Harris County college, and a second suspect may be on the loose, Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constables said,” Click2Houston reports:

Investigators said the shooting happened at Lone Star College’s North Harris campus, 2700 West W. W. Thorne Drive near Aldine Westfield shortly after noon on Tuesday.

Officials have not said exactly how many people have been shot or the extent of their injuries. Ben Taub Hospital said it was expecting two patients. Memorial Hermann Hospital said one person was transported by ambulance.

Deputy constables said they have at least one person detained, but have not said if that person is a suspected shooter.

Investigators said a second suspect, an 18- to 20-year-old black male wearing a red shirt and Falcons cap, fled north of campus to a nearby subdivision. Deputies are actively searching for him.

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BJLincoln January 22, 2013 at 3:17 pm

The problem is the news does not show pictures of the REAL mess. All people know and see are in the movies, not real, or video games, again not real. If they ran the REAL pictures of the REAL blood and guts left after a REAL shooting, maybe then these kids would know what they are doing.
They don't know the pain they inflict or the damage they are doing until it is too late.
Prince Harry joked that playing video games prepared him for operating an Apache helicopter. This does NOT help.
Between desensitizing our kids to violence and glorifying it, we have a nation of kids that believe this is a way to make all their problems go away, one way or another. Either they will die too or be locked up and not have to worry about the crap life dishes out.

BJLincoln January 22, 2013 at 3:18 pm

Rather than trying to get guns off the streets ( never going to happen), how about investing in more mental health care in our schools? Make mental heath a bigger issue in health class? Provide affordable mental health care? Give our parents and teachers better tools to spot problems before they turn into this.
Talk about it! Let them know there are better ways of dealing with problems besides blowing people up!
This is the 3rd report in as many days for crying out loud!
Land of the free and the brave?
Free enough to own an assault weapon and brave enough to use it.

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