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Bill Maher: Republicans Win By ‘Cheating’ But PC Liberals Are Helping The GOP

by David Badash on April 26, 2014

in Celebrities,News

Post image for Bill Maher: Republicans Win By ‘Cheating’ But PC Liberals Are Helping The GOP

Bill Maher Friday night offered strong criticism of “cheating” Republicans, but warned politically-correct liberals that they can be so strident that they push independents and moderates to vote for the GOP.

The “Real Time” host noted that the vast majority of Americans support an increased minimum wage, background checks on guns, equal pay for women, and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants — which he called “illegals.”

“Republicans are against all of it,” Maher noted, quizzically. “So how do they win? I’ll tell you how. They employ a complex, multi-faceted technique political scientists call ‘cheating.’ Gerrymandering the districts, voter ID laws, purging the voter rolls, shortening the voting period, preventing anyone who’s been to prison from voting, eliminating same day registration, putting up billboards in poor black neighborhoods that say, ‘Don’t vote. There’s ghosts in there!’

“But that is not the only trick Republicans have up their sleeves. Even more than cheating, what Republicans have done is tap into the deep rich vein of cultural resentment that runs through America’s heartland like an artery clogged with hate-butter. And liberals, to be fair, sometimes make it pretty easy for them to do that.”

Maher got plenty of laughs from his guests at the table, including former New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Daily Beast editor in chief John Avlon, and Charles Murray.

Murray, it must be noted — even though Maher did not — is an accused white nationalist and co-author of the infamous 1994 book, The Bell Curve, which has been labeled as scientific racism. Murray was also an original co-signer of the open letter from conservatives published this week that attacked those who applauded the “forced resignation,” as they put it, of Mozilla’s Brendan Eich as CEO.

Maher’s “New Rules” monologue had shades of the anti-left Mozilla letter, although he curiously steered away from marriage equality.

Maher went on to chastise “political correctness Nazis” who “hound” him to “censor every joke and apologize for every slight,” and he took a swipe at what many progressives and LGBT activists had applauded earlier this year. Facebook in February expanded the list of self-identifying genders to 56. Maher said he thinks “it’s ridiculous that Facebook has now decided we have to choose in our profile from 56 different genders, including transgender, cis-gender, and of course, Bruce jender.”

In concluding, Maher tried to hit his point home, reminding liberals and Democrats that he believes they are helping Republicans win elections by sounding unappealing and overly critical.

“One of the Republicans’ strongest voting blocs is low-income whites who didn’t go to college,” Maher observed. “These are people who desperately need a minimum wage hike. Need unions. They need healthcare — but not if it’s got Obama’s name on it,” he quipped. “Remember, for every liberal with a cause who makes you go ‘Oh, just shoot me,’ there’s a conservative with a gun who will.”


Thanks to Crooks and Liars for the video, and The Raw Story and Crooks and Liars for portions of the transcript.

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LOrion April 26, 2014 at 2:26 pm

Absolutely correct… and you can see rw trolls on twitter push and push to make PROG’s sound too strident. Need to get back to being an UMBRELLA for ALL the middle class..what there is left of it.

cftxp April 26, 2014 at 10:06 pm

Definitely true, however, I would decry from claiming that liberals who always try to be politically correct are fully at fault. For example, with some labels, we just shouldn't say them, due to the history of hate they are rooted in. Many independents and some fellow liberals may not think it so and create their own justifications, but it is still not within their power to reverse years of oppression or opposition caused by those same attitudes. When you mean "politically correct", instances like those are no problem because the intent happens to be respect for human beings with a disadvantaged history, but when someone starts decrying an idea without due merit, they're just being pretentious or ignorant, and even I have no respect for that.

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