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Post image for Barber: Pro-Choice Is Satanic, You Have ‘Blood-Covered Hands’ And ‘Stench Of Death’

Barber: Pro-Choice Is Satanic, You Have ‘Blood-Covered Hands’ And ‘Stench Of Death’

by David Badash on December 10, 2012

in Bigotry Watch,News,Politics,Religion

Matt Barber is taking time off from attacking gay people by turning his vicious ire on “post-abortive” women, telling them they have “blood-covered hands” and the “stench of death.” Barber, the most-public employee of the Liberty Counsel and Liberty University, in a Town Hall column, says women who choose abortion “have indeed committed a sin most grave,” “purchased a bouquet of lies awash in the foul stench of death,” and that abortion “makes men fathers of dead sons and daughters.”

Of course, Barber claims, “I don’t write this letter to hurt you. Know that I don’t judge you. How could I? I hurt with you,” and then, he adds, “The enemy of the world is a liar. He is wicked beyond comprehension. You were lied to. Satan loves death. In the context of abortion, he deceptively calls it ‘choice’.”

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“I share these truths in love. Some of you already know them. Others deny them,” Barber writes:

Yet truths they remain.

It is through obedience to Christ and in the authority of His Spirit that I write you this letter. It may be difficult to read, but I pray you will read it.

First, let us dispense with the oft-asserted notion that, lest one is a woman – more particularly, lest one has faced an unwanted pregnancy – one has nothing to say about abortion.

He adds:

Know this about your choice: Yes, you are still a mother. Yes, you have killed your child. And yes, there is forgiveness, love, redemption and healing available through Christ Jesus alone.

These are hard truths.

Your inner voice was right. You have indeed committed a sin most grave. Those “pro-choice” flowers you were sold, though alluring, were, as you suspected, too good to be true.

Instead, you purchased a bouquet of lies awash in the foul stench of death. You were told that for a few hundred dollars you could buy freedom, only to be bound by a horrible thing that, in this life, cannot be undone.

But with eternal life, it can be undone.

Your blood-covered hands can be washed clean by the blood-covered hands of Christ the Savior.

This from the radical religious Christian right.

And they wonder why America hates them?



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sam3915 December 10, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Actually, Anti-Choice is evil and Anti-Life. Matt Barber and his fellow activist anti-abortionists are not pro-life. If anyone is Satanic, it is these evil, filthy-rich lackey, scapegoating, Nazi pseudo-Christians. They all are murderers or at least conspirators and accomplices to murder. They deserve for themselves the evil they have done to women seeking abortions, abortion providers. those affiliated with abortion providers, and pro-choicers. They are the ones who have 'Blood-Covered Hands' and a rancid 'Stench of Death'. Destroy all anti-abortion activists, God.

lepidopteryx January 31, 2013 at 10:03 pm

Not all women who have abortions "hurt" afterwards. For many, there is simply relief. And for those who do "hurt," Barber cannot possibly understand their pain. If he did, he would not tell them that they "murdered their child" and that they are the "parents of dead babies" and that the only way they can be forgiven for their "crime" is to convert to his religion.

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