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69-Year Old NYC Anti-Gay Hate Crime Murder Victim Wasn’t Gay

by David Badash on September 17, 2013

in Hate Crimes,News

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Yesterday afternoon, 69-year old Ever Orozco was stabbed to death, allegedly by 22-year old Steven Torres, who reportedly claimed the victim had blown him kisses. Now, news reports find that Torres was arrested for another stabbing — using the same excuse, and that Orozco was married to a woman for 15 years, and she is certain he wasn’t gay.

“Steven Torres, 22, told detectives he stabbed Ever Orozco, 69, because he was offended during a chance encounter on a Jackson Heights street Monday afternoon, police sources said,” according to the NY Daily News:

“He (Torres) said the victim was blowing kisses to him. That’s what set him off,” a source said.

Torres also claimed Orozco touched himself, sources said.

But widow Alba Orozco, 64, said Torres got her husband all wrong.
“He loved women,’’ she said, showing off a photo of him celebrating his 65th birthday.

“This man who did this to him is a liar.”

The couple met in Colombia and married 15 years ago. The retired mechanic left behind two sons, Jeffrey, 38, and Harvin, 34, from a previous marriage.

Just two weeks ago, the widow said, Orozco’s first wife died in a car accident.

DNA Info, which tweeted the photo of Ever Orozco and his wife, Alba, adds that Orozco “was a married former MTA worker who had just taken his wife to the doctor, police and relatives said.”

“Yesterday, when I say, ‘Bye Papi, I love you. You’ve been the best husband and I love you forever,’” said Orozco’s greiving wife of 16 years, Alba Orozco. “What can I do? I can cry … no.”

“My husband, he’s not with me. We were out all the time together, everywhere. Now, I am alone,” she added.

Orozco said she couldn’t believe her husband — an MTA mechanic who retired three years ago and spent his time remodeling cars and airplanes, listening to his large record collection, and renovating his apartment — would have ever made a pass at Torres.

“My husband — I never saw anything gay, never, never. I never saw my husband blow a kiss,” she said.

“There’s no words to say, I just have to take it one day at a time,” said son Harvey Orozco, 35, of Jamaica.

Harvey Orozco said his mother Gloria Orozco, who was divorced from Orozco, died last week in a car accident on 94th Street and the Grand Central.

“It’s been crazy. Everything’s coming down all at once,” Harvey Orozco said.

Alba Orozco said her husband sent much of his money to his ailing mother in Colombia, leaving the family with few resources to bury him.

He will be cremated, and there will not be a memorial service because there isn’t enough money to pay for it, she said.

Varying reports also state Orozco was stabbed with a 6 – 8 inch knife about a half-dozen times or more.

If anyone knows of a memorial fund, please contact us and we’ll publicize it.

Our thoughts are with the Orozco family today.


Image from DNA Info Queens via Twitter

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johnozed September 17, 2013 at 4:44 pm

Perhaps Steven Torres thought that 'gay panic' would work once again. Stupid sociopath.

65snake September 17, 2013 at 5:03 pm

Here's a thought….even if he did "blow kisses"….SO WHAT. Steven Torres is a fine example of what is wrong with people today.

BJLincoln September 17, 2013 at 5:49 pm

"Gay Panic" won't work anymore. If he thinks blowing kisses is bad, wait until he goes to prison. This guy is sick and needs locked up.

RRuinsky September 17, 2013 at 5:51 pm

Ultimately the point is it is irrelevant if the victim was or wasn't gay. What's relevant is someone is using that as an excuse for murder.

RebelSioux September 17, 2013 at 8:10 pm

Possibly steven torres, (Disgusting Murderer) is gay and trying to pickup random older men and was scorned and rejected, thus he transfers his anger into rage onto his intended pick-up and over-kills them and puts the blame on the intended victim. He should have a great time in prison being a bitch boy, if he makes it to prison at all. Guessing he'll pick suicide, over taking his punishment for this awful crime.

pleasantstream September 18, 2013 at 6:07 am

RebelSioux may be correct in saying the murderer is gay. When homophobic fundamentalist religious people say homosexuality is a sin & abnormal, confused mentally ill homosexuals may behave this way. This is not masculine or feminine behaviour but mental illness.

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